Whitefield Bowling Club Company Limited – News Update

After 134 years the Co Ltd has made the momentous and significant decision to give the land and buildings to the people of Whitefield!

This act is to ensure the land can never be sold (as contrary to rumours it could) and built on and we had received several bids of circa £2.3 million. Our solicitors are at present working to facilitate a change of company status to a Community Interest Company. A huge thank you to all the owners for the brave and forward-thinking act of giving away this valuable and loved asset.

We are working with several partners in the social sector to determine what other activities and community facility we can provide at this venue (creche, training centre, café, cycling club) but be assured Crown Green Bowling and a Social Club will always be at the heart of our mission.

You will be aware that the existing buildings require major work owing to severe and continuing movement and the very real fact that they are at the end of their natural and practical use. We have engaged Architects to prepare a new design that we will put forward for funding and this is currently being prepared and bids written. We will share the plans and designs with you to ensure we capture your thoughts and comments. The new buildings will be aesthetic, economic and sustainable for the next 100 years.

All membership with WBC Co Ltd will end on Sunday the 31st of October 2021. No memberships will or can carry so all would be members will need to apply (via new membership application forms). We will be limited to membership numbers owing to future site restrictions and access, so our intent is to close the membership by 14th November 2021. Please be aware that if you are not a member by this date you will not have any previous or future right to claim membership. There will be one class of membership at £25.