WBC announce new club President

Whitefield Bowling Club Community Interest Company are delighted to announce that long-time member and supporter, Gary Wilcox, has been appointed as the new club President.

Gary’s company, Whitefield based Aarhus Fire Protection Ltd has been providing fire protection, security alarms and CCTV to WBC CIC for a number of years. The support from Aarhus, especially during the recent grant applications, has provided the club with expert advice and services to ensure we meet and exceed health and safety regulations.

On accepting the Presidency Gary said ” I’d like to thank the Directors for making this proposal, as a local working class lad who has done well, I am very proud and humbled to be honoured with this position and delighted to be part of this fantastic community asset.”

Aarhus have also worked together with WBC CIC on their community outreach programme, providing apprenticeship opportunities to local young people. Jack Sankey started working as a trainee at WBC CIC in early 2023, later in the same year Aarhus offered Jack the opportunity of an apprenticeship. Jack’s journey from trainee to full-time employee at Aarhus Fire is a testament to the positive outcomes achieved when organisations come together to support aspiring professionals.

Aarhus Fire Protection have recently been awarded Security Company of the Year 2024 by Corporate LiveWire.

New club, new future, our community – Be a part of it!

Three years ago the Company limited (owners) took back the day to day operations of our club in order to deliver the biggest changes in our history.

We secured a positive vote from the owners (shareholders) to give away the land and premises to secure its long-term survival as a community owned enterprise. Since forming a Community Interest Company, we have:

  • Established articles of association that enshrined open and accountable management
  • Employed a full-time bookkeeper to ensure neutral and consistent management and audit of all income and expenditure
  • Carried out £15,000 of urgent underpinning works to prevent collapse and immediate loss
  • Secured over £300,000 of funding to refurbish the property
  • Preparing to recruit a 26hr “permanent” member of staff
  • In discussions with Bury MBC regarding a long-term strategic position for our club in the Whitefield generation planning

We will close the premises in the next weeks (we expect the end of March 2024) after a tendering exercise by consultants (that themselves have undergone a tendering process to find best value) to secure a contractor to deliver this exciting regeneration work.

On the “new club” opening, we intend to move to a position of three committees delivering the management and day to day activities of the club. The management committees will be made up of you, our members.

The committees will have the responsibility for making decisions, driving direction and agenda and championing our community values and commitment. The committees will be in situ for an initial period of 18 months for the first term (to fall in with accounts and companies house) and then on 12 month schedules.

We are inviting members to put themselves forward for any/all of the three committees. Once we close applications (April), we will arrange to meet and agree delegated responsibilities, appoint a chair from your number and how we all communicate, interact and deliver WBCCIC commitments.

We will establish a robust and continuing support and training regime for all committee members and encourage independent and forward-thinking practices. Below we set out the committees titles and areas of scrutiny/delivery.

 Green Committee

  • Green work and rotas
  • Machinery and maintenance
  • Treatments and schedules
  • Procurement (fertilisers etc)
  • Surrounds and landscape
  • Hiring specialist support
  • Teams, captains and league calendars
  • Competitions, events and community programmes

Operations and Delivery Committee

  • Staff management and liaison
  • Takings and banking
  • Stock procurement and sales
  • Openings and diary management
  • Cleaning schedules and supplies
  • Events and sales initiatives
  • Membership & Assessment interviews
  • Community awards and distribution of profit

Compliance/management Committee

  • Finance and audit with year-end summary/AGM
  • Grants and Income
  • Insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Utilities and Procurement contracts
  • Partnership and relations
  • Community support
If you are interested in joining one of the above committees to help shape the future of Whitefield Bowling Club CIC, please email directors@whitefieldbowlingclub.co.uk to express your interest. 

Looking for tenders for project/cost management

Whitefield Bowling Club CIC are currently seeking tenders for consultancy for project/cost management services in delivering the rebuilding/refurbishment works at 22 Church Lane, M45 7NF. 

The successful tender provider will prepare all formal notifications, health and safety, liaise with building control, meet statutory legal requirements, prepare specifications of work, prepare tenders of work based on quality and value, manage procurement and grant conditions and deliver a successful contract that meets all partners/members and users expected outcomes. 

If you feel you have the necessary qualification/experience or want to nominate a person or organisation please contact davidbevan531@btinternet.com for further information. 

The deadline for tender return is the 31st of January 2024 at Noon.

Whitefield Bowling Club

Christmas update and activities from WBC

A festive and joyous time for all but the season does add to the day-to-day pressures and brings other problems. Families wondering where the money is coming from and what to prioritise, people feeling lonely and needing company to name but a few. We are fortunate at WBC to have fantastic members and supporters who allow us the opportunity to try and
make a difference and offer support.

We were delighted to host a Christmas meal for community members at the Eagle and Child, Whitefield on Monday the 18th December 2023 with our friends and hosts Michelle and Sue “doing us proud”. This is part of our commitment of raising awareness of WBC as more than just a bowling green. We are at the very at the heart of our community and are proud we can support and offer advice through our community partners.

We have committed all our recently awarded National Lottery community fund grant on new recycled furniture and we are in the middle of building a new weather shelter that should be ready by the end of January 2024.

We are also weeks away from the final decision on if we have been successful in our bid for a new water main and roof for the 128-year-old building from Valencia’s landfill fund. We owe a special thank you to one member who has dedicated the match funding percentage requirement for the bid to go forward.

Similarly, we are also waiting for news on our bid for major rebuilding/refurbishment grant from the Governments levelling up fund. We were fortunate that in our pre bid, WBC was recognised as a significant community resource and we were allocated a consultant (James Mathie from Sports Assets) to “hold our hand” in preparation and submission of the bid. This will ensure we have a structurally sound and refurbished building that will allow us to continue and provide our services.

Winter is a quiet time for all outside sports and activities, and we are very aware that some may not venture out or have opportunity to chat and meet people. We are open to all ideas on any service, function or event you would like to see us put in place that will increase people’s ability to get out and stay healthy.

Finally…. A good year for WBC CIC, we have donated significant money to our nominated charities, we have had huge success on the bowling front, we have brought even more beginners into the game of bowls through our Saturday morning sessions, we are increasing our partner network and our name and reputation is growing.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Festivities.

Our Community Christmas Meal

A festive and joyous time for all but the season does add to the day-to-day pressures and brings other problems. Families wondering where the money is coming from and what to prioritise, people feeling lonely and needing company to name just a few. We are fortunate at WBC to have fantastic members and supporters who give us the opportunity to try and make a difference and support our community.

We were delighted to host a Christmas meal for community members at the Eagle and Child on Monday the 18th December, with our friends and hosts Michelle and Sue “doing us proud”. 

This is part of our commitment of raising awareness of WBC and how we can help through our network of partners.

Lottery Funding Success

Lottery fund

We are delighted to announce Whitefield Bowling Club has been awarded a grant of £9,400 by The National Lottery Community Fund for new outdoor furniture.

The grant will spent building a new outdoor shelter and all-weather seating for our mebers and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. 

We are currently looking at different suppliers and will share further details and photographs once the new furniture has been purchased.

Christmas Meal – Community Support

With the festive season approaching, and in recognition of the economic pressure and demands faced by many in our community, we intend to once again deliver our Christmas support and get together.

This year, the primary event will consist of a meal and opportunity to meet new friends, chat and share issues, stories and perhaps get assistance and signposting to support available in the local area. We will ensure we have a network of partners and suitable agencies present to offer help and advice.

If you know anyone who would like to attend, anyone who would benefit from company and support, anyone who simply needs to reassurance that community still exists, then simply put the person forward to the WBC management team with contact details. We would ask that the person(s) are local and reached the majestic age of 60.

The event will be at the Eagle and Child on Monday December 18th at 12 noon.

Please email details to directors@whitefieldbowlingclub.co.uk

Dewsnap Trophy 2023

On Sunday 10th September the Dewsnap Trophy was held at WBC. Despite the weather being changeable we had another decent turnout, with a good mix of experienced and novice bowlers.

In the first semi final Martin McBurnie beat Phil Berry while Ian Cropper beat Dave Liver in the other.

Ian who bowled excellent all day to reach the final managed to continue his fine form by beating Martin 16-12 to secure the trophy for 2023.

Ruby Cropper Memorial Trophy 2023

The Ruby Cropper Memorial Trophy was held at WBC on Sunday 27th August. With a full field of 32 bowlers, many new or novice bowlers taking part which is encouraging to see.

In the first semi final Tony Martin managed to overcome Mike Ward, who was busting some dance moves throughout the match as the DJ kept the crowd entertained.

The 2nd semi was a much tighter match, with Graham Martin triumphing 21-18 over Phil Craine, who had bowled excellent all day.

The final saw the battle of the Martin brothers, and what a tense affair it was, with no brotherly love shown. The match went to the wire with older brother Graham taking the final end to win 21-20.

The event was again in aid of Manchester Children’s Hospital, with raffle prizes donated by local businesses and members and friends. A huge hanks to Ian and Les Cropper and Jo Owen plus all their helpers who put on another successful event.

CIC Community Shield 2023

The CIC Community Shield was held at WBC on Sunday 13th August 2023. The drawn pairs event attracted over 30 bowlers and thankfully the weather played its part for most of the afternoon.

The first semi final saw Phil Berry and Nicola Cavanagh defeat Tony Lee and Gary Cunliffe, while Pete Kirk and Paul McMullen overcame Dave Chadwick and Tina McGlynn in the other semi.

The final was a very close affair, with Pete Kirk & Paul McMullen defeating Phil Berry & Nicola Cavanagh 21-20.

A great day with many new bowlers taking part, some in their first competition.