Christmas update and activities from WBC

A festive and joyous time for all but the season does add to the day-to-day pressures and brings other problems. Families wondering where the money is coming from and what to prioritise, people feeling lonely and needing company to name but a few. We are fortunate at WBC to have fantastic members and supporters who allow us the opportunity to try and
make a difference and offer support.

We were delighted to host a Christmas meal for community members at the Eagle and Child, Whitefield on Monday the 18th December 2023 with our friends and hosts Michelle and Sue “doing us proud”. This is part of our commitment of raising awareness of WBC as more than just a bowling green. We are at the very at the heart of our community and are proud we can support and offer advice through our community partners.

We have committed all our recently awarded National Lottery community fund grant on new recycled furniture and we are in the middle of building a new weather shelter that should be ready by the end of January 2024.

We are also weeks away from the final decision on if we have been successful in our bid for a new water main and roof for the 128-year-old building from Valencia’s landfill fund. We owe a special thank you to one member who has dedicated the match funding percentage requirement for the bid to go forward.

Similarly, we are also waiting for news on our bid for major rebuilding/refurbishment grant from the Governments levelling up fund. We were fortunate that in our pre bid, WBC was recognised as a significant community resource and we were allocated a consultant (James Mathie from Sports Assets) to “hold our hand” in preparation and submission of the bid. This will ensure we have a structurally sound and refurbished building that will allow us to continue and provide our services.

Winter is a quiet time for all outside sports and activities, and we are very aware that some may not venture out or have opportunity to chat and meet people. We are open to all ideas on any service, function or event you would like to see us put in place that will increase people’s ability to get out and stay healthy.

Finally…. A good year for WBC CIC, we have donated significant money to our nominated charities, we have had huge success on the bowling front, we have brought even more beginners into the game of bowls through our Saturday morning sessions, we are increasing our partner network and our name and reputation is growing.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Festivities.