Current vacancies at WBC

Operational Supervisor

You will be welcoming, flexible, approachable and community facing. You will champion equality and diversity and be the eyes and ears for our safeguarding and community safety provision. You will ensure that the reputation and openness of WBCCIC is foremost.

This role is offered under an annualised hours employment contract. The hours of work will be 26 core hours per week from 1st April to 30th September and 16 hours from 1st October to 31st March. Additional hours may be available dependent on club events. All training and support will be provided.

The positions’ primary role is to deliver bar opening and service duties for the following hours: –

  • Thursday; Open at 17:00 close at 21:00 (4hrs)
  • Friday; Open at 17:00 Close at 22:00 (5hrs)
  • Saturday: Open at 15:00 Close at 22:00 (7hrs)
  • Sunday: Open at 15:00 Close at 21:00 (6hrs)
  • Cleaning, Stock purchasing and associated duties = 4hrs

Job Description

Job Title: Operational Supervisor
Location: Whitefield Bowling Club, 22 Church Lane, Whitefield.
Hourly Rate: £11.40
Reporting to: Directors

Job overview

Whitefield Bowling Club are looking for a proactive and hands-on Operational Supervisor who will take responsibility for the efficient and profitable running of the clubhouse bar. We provide a great experience to the community who use our facilities and we see this role as critical in maintaining a welcoming and first-class experience. You will be our champion promoting equality, diversity, and fair and open access. Equality, Diversity, and safeguarding will be paramount within all day-to-day activities and operation. An awareness of “signposting” and accessing support and services.

Key Responsibilities


  • Set standards in the clubhouse, delivering a friendly, courteous and proactive service to all members and visitors.
  • Providing refreshments and services to all community members, teams and visitors as required.
  • Assist in the review of processes and procedures, to ensure continual service improvement.
  • Deliver cleaning services for the premises ensuring all sundries are in situ and provided. A regular regime of glass cleaning and sanitisation of all services and products.
  • Work to organise and promote clubhouse events.
  • Manage the cellar and maintain bar stocks, ordering stocks ensuring timely delivery and taking advantage of offers and promotions.
  • Ensure maintenance of all equipment is kept up to date and regular line cleaning, fridges are undertaken.

Staff and Volunteer Supervision

  • Supervise bar staff and volunteers’ requirements, recruitment, training, performance.
  • Organise staff and volunteer rotas to ensure suitable cover is always in situ and communicate.
  • Ensure that we continue to consider support and recruitment by development opportunities for all.
  • Development of work experience and return to work training.

Admin and Finance

  • Ensure correct use of IZettle system and accurate recording of stock and sales.
  • Responsibility for ledger and record keeping with weekly banking.
  • Review any staff payment/time sheets and approve hours for payroll processing.
  • General

Additional tasks requested by the Board.

  • Strict adherence to members and guests procedure
  • Ensure strict licensing regulations and monitoring is in situ
  • Work alongside volunteers and members.
  • Liaison with community partners.
  • Any duty that supports and promotes WBCCIC
  • Compliance with all policies and procedures

Skills and Experience:

  • Experience working with customers.
  • Ability to organise.
  • Experience of preparing rotas.
  • Financial management and IT skills.
  • Bar and cellar
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Willing to be flexible and cover.

Whilst the club has seasonal demands and peaks, largely around March-September, the Clubhouse is open all year round. The Supervisor would be expected to balance their time engaged in the bar and cellar work with organising rotas, administration, ordering, and venue use and promotion.

To apply for this role, please send your CV and covering letter to