About WBC

Whitefield Bowling Club was formed in 1882 on land leased from Lord Derby. A small clubhouse was put on the site and a photograph of the original clubhouse is displayed in the current clubhouse. 

In 1890 the land was offered for sale to Whitefield by The Lord Derby’s estates and the Club successfully secured a mortgage and in 1891 formed a Company Limited to ensure the long term principles of community access and sustainability. 

The principles and objectives for the club has always been to provide a community resource accessible to everyone and that has been achieved for 130 years. 

During the first world war Whitefield Bowling Club supported injured and convalescing troops by providing subsidised food and refreshments. We continue our community ethos and principles by providing allotment spaces (free of charge) and a community facility for people to meet and chat in the afternoons and evenings or quietly sit in our beautiful grounds overlooking Stand Church and watch the bowling.

Our club provides a social hub for all our members throughout the year. Our bar is open most evenings and afternoons at weekend, where members can enjoy card games and snooker and a place to catch up with friends.

For all the policies, procedures and documentation for WBC CIC, visit our Policies page.

In September 2021 Whitefield Bowling Club changed its status from Company Ltd to a Community interest Company, (CIC) further details on what a CIC is can be found here.

In 2023 WBC CIC made successful bids to the Community Ownership Fund, Valencia Community Fund and the National Lottery. These grants have provided the club with much needed funds to completely renovate the clubhouse and add exterior seating and repairs to the entrance.

 We are extremely proud to actively support  community groups and local charities, including Bury Hospice and Trust House.

Please visit our Support our Community page for further details of the support we can offer.

Whitefield Bowling Club - Circa 1963