New club, new future, our community – Be a part of it!

Three years ago the Company limited (owners) took back the day to day operations of our club in order to deliver the biggest changes in our history.

We secured a positive vote from the owners (shareholders) to give away the land and premises to secure its long-term survival as a community owned enterprise. Since forming a Community Interest Company, we have:

  • Established articles of association that enshrined open and accountable management
  • Employed a full-time bookkeeper to ensure neutral and consistent management and audit of all income and expenditure
  • Carried out £15,000 of urgent underpinning works to prevent collapse and immediate loss
  • Secured over £300,000 of funding to refurbish the property
  • Preparing to recruit a 26hr “permanent” member of staff
  • In discussions with Bury MBC regarding a long-term strategic position for our club in the Whitefield generation planning

We will close the premises in the next weeks (we expect the end of March 2024) after a tendering exercise by consultants (that themselves have undergone a tendering process to find best value) to secure a contractor to deliver this exciting regeneration work.

On the “new club” opening, we intend to move to a position of three committees delivering the management and day to day activities of the club. The management committees will be made up of you, our members.

The committees will have the responsibility for making decisions, driving direction and agenda and championing our community values and commitment. The committees will be in situ for an initial period of 18 months for the first term (to fall in with accounts and companies house) and then on 12 month schedules.

We are inviting members to put themselves forward for any/all of the three committees. Once we close applications (April), we will arrange to meet and agree delegated responsibilities, appoint a chair from your number and how we all communicate, interact and deliver WBCCIC commitments.

We will establish a robust and continuing support and training regime for all committee members and encourage independent and forward-thinking practices. Below we set out the committees titles and areas of scrutiny/delivery.

 Green Committee

  • Green work and rotas
  • Machinery and maintenance
  • Treatments and schedules
  • Procurement (fertilisers etc)
  • Surrounds and landscape
  • Hiring specialist support
  • Teams, captains and league calendars
  • Competitions, events and community programmes

Operations and Delivery Committee

  • Staff management and liaison
  • Takings and banking
  • Stock procurement and sales
  • Openings and diary management
  • Cleaning schedules and supplies
  • Events and sales initiatives
  • Membership & Assessment interviews
  • Community awards and distribution of profit

Compliance/management Committee

  • Finance and audit with year-end summary/AGM
  • Grants and Income
  • Insurance
  • Health and Safety
  • Utilities and Procurement contracts
  • Partnership and relations
  • Community support
If you are interested in joining one of the above committees to help shape the future of Whitefield Bowling Club CIC, please email to express your interest.