Whitefield Bowling Cub to become Community Interest Company

Founded in 1891 to provide a community facility and wholly owned by its shareholders, Whitefield Bowling Club (WBC) has continued to provide first class bowling facilities and social hub to the local community of Whitefield for over 130 years. 

Despite the rumours that the land could never be built on, our building and land has been under threat over recent years by hostile approaches from builders and property developers. To ensure the continuity and security of the land and underline our commitment to the community, an extremely brave and altruistic decision was made. The Directors, unanimously backed by the shareholders, agreed to liquidate the Company Limited and to form a Community Interest Company (CIC). This decision and the change to a CIC will mean that land, with a market value of £2 million, has been “given” to the people.

The CIC is in the final phases of set up and that should be finished in the summer months. WBC has committed to engage with partners to provide more services, sports and educational projects from our site. We have commenced engagement with agencies and funders to establish finances for the rebuilding of new club premises that will accommodate more members, visitors and guests at WBC and extend the building life into the next century.

The new articles of association will capture the fact that the community own and run the land and premises. WBC will ensure total transparency. We will ensure that equality, diversity and open access is the foundation and ethos of this Club. 

By inviting local partners and agencies into the management and decision making process, we will ensure the needs of the local community are supported. All monies that are not needed for delivering the core business will be distributed across local partners and agencies that reflect and support our vision.

Support Needed

We do need your support as participants, members and most importantly helping with delivering our services. We need directors who can lead and support our aims and principles. Step up and join us in establishing this exciting and rewarding enterprise.

For more details please contact us.

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