Special Meeting Notice

Formal Notice is given that the Directors of Whitefield Bowling Club Community Interest Company have called a meeting (special resolution) for Saturday the 18th of March at 14:00. All fully paid-up Members (as of the 1st of March 2023) are invited to attend to discuss and vote on the following (no guests or non-members): – 

  1. A return to the day-to-day management of the club and premises by a democratically elected Management Committee of 8/10 members as per the articles of association. An elected chairman with delegated responsibilities.
  2. CIC Directors (as per company’s house and regulatory requirements) will maintain year-end control and reporting for accounts, CIC reporting and companies house returns. They will provide a dispute resolution and legislative overview with an audit role for the committee (to be established).
  3. The established green/captains committee will remain and take all responsibility for the grounds, leagues, competitions. It is to be extended to 4/6 members (with scope for co-opted members) with regular meetings and responsibilities.

Subject to Article 47.3, a written resolution of the Company passed in accordance with this Article 47 shall have effects if passed by the Company in general meeting: A written resolution is passed as an ordinary resolution if it is passed by a simple majority of the total voting rights of eligible members. A written resolution is passed as a special resolution if it is passed by members representing not less than 75% of the total voting rights of eligible members.  A written resolution is not a special resolution unless it states that it was proposed as a special resolution.

WBC CIC Strategic Review – 2023 – click to download