Levelling Up Fund – Bid Rejected

We are disappointed with last week’s news (click to read the letter) that we (WBCCIC) have been turned down for government funding to refurbish our club. We have worked for over a year to prepare the detail, reports, supporting evidence and continuation and demonstration of our community value and commitment. 

Our MP, The Rt Hon Christian Wakeford and his team have been supporting us throughout the bid and wrote directly to the levelling up office on our behalf. 

We were supported by Bury Voluntary and Faith Alliance and a special mention to Sally Deith and her valued assistance at the beginning. We are all aware that the Club House structurally is in a perilous condition and the very fact that it may not be in existence in another three years is a very real possibility. 

We will not let our 134 year history fade, we wont let the value and spirit of this community facility dissapear as the case with other community facilities. 

We are preparing to seek further support from the Government department and will discuss with Bury council and BVFA how they can support us to return a bid that does succeed